Monday, August 23, 2010

This MAN.....

of mine....
is turning FORTY in FIVE days!
Can you believe it?
I mean, honestly, he does NOT look
(or act, for that matter) FORTY!!!!

This picture signifies what he is to me......
my OTHER half!
So, in no particular order, FORTY of the reasons I adore this man I married!!!
1.  He's so, so handsome (don't call me shallow, just honest);
2.  He leaves his face scruffy just for ME;
3.  His smile melts my heart;
4.  He adores me (he truly must, we're still married aren't we?);
5.  His kids are his everything!;
6.  He has dimples on his cheeks!
7.  He is so, so handy and can seriously fix, build or destroy ANYTHING!
8.  He is a man of all trades!
9.  He is supportive in everything I try and do!
10.He maintains a positive attitude no matter how grim things look;
11.He is shy and quiet at times and outgoing and funny at others   (always the RIGHT times, too)
12. He produces BEAUTIFUL children;
13. He is dedicated to his work;
14. He is dedicated to his family;
15. He loves to have company;
16. He's a great host;
17.  He likes to cook AND bake;
18. He's a VERY GOOD cook;
19. He knows more than me about computers;
20. He will sit and watch me work, just to spend time with me;
21. He agrees to my tendency to make changes often, even if he doesn't love it;
22. His eyes are AMAZINGLY gorgeous;
23. He is charming and everyone loves him;
24. He is an excellent father;
25. He tries hard to be a disciplinarian when I've had enough of it;
26. He is able to help the kids with ANYTHING;
27. He knows when I need a break and encourages me to take em';
28. He does his share around the house (especially when I'm working OUTSIDE the home);
29. He is loyal, even when people may not deserve his loyalty;
31. He tells me at least one nice thing a day to keep my self image UP;
32. He reads my mind (ok, sometimes this isn't good, but usually a-ok);
33. He is SO YOUNG at heart;
34. He can make a dang good drink during "those times";
35. He loves my family as he does his own;
36. He isn't afraid to show affection toward our children;
37. He has a relationship with God.
38. He supports my desire for our children to attend private school;
39. He LOVES Mexican food (as do I)
40. He refrains from cooking fish in our home, because he knows I'll puke at the smell of it!

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