Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's now 5 am and I've been up for about 30 minutes!
When I woke up I decided to crawl out of bed and take some serious action on some pictures I very recently took of my sweet lil' angel!
This was a major-mini session, felt like about 3-4 minutes (I'd say)...
But, I think she's ADORABLE here (I may be a bit biased tho :)

back to this morning.....
I had uploaded Pioneer Woman's actions some time ago and took a few minutes to apply one to each of these pictures...... cute, huh?  Which is your favorite???
Click to view a bit larger :)


  1. Someday when she is on the cover of a magazine, I will buy it and say to my friends, I remember when she was just a little girl...Beautiful!

  2. X is working that skirt =). The entire collection is beautiful! I think the first image is my fav.

  3. They all look great. I think I like the first, seventh and eighth the best.

  4. Thanks, ladies for your input! On fb... lots of people liked #7 and here #1!! I think those are my faves as well!