Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dreaming of a BRIGHT, BRIGHT future!

Every now and again...
I take a shot that, in my eyes is AMAZINGLY ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectation! 
This is one of THOSE....
The look on her face, the tilt of her chin, the sincerely dreamy look, the RED (my favorite color, btw) flower and matching lipstick, the angle, the color, the focus, the clarity....
for me, all of those things are working together to make a gorgeous shot...
and just so you all know...
I RARELY toot my own horn, but sometimes, I guess it's just necessary!  LOL
...........on a much less tooting-of-the-own-horn note.....
Here are the specifics of my Christmas session/card giveaway....

What YOU can WIN:
- 1 FREE mini (20-30 min)session for 1-2 people in studio in the Salt Lake Valley!!
- my time and talent to process 8-10 photographs from the session and a proofing gallery to view
- a choice between one 8X10 print and 10 flat Christmas cards.

What YOU do to WIN (each thing you do, gets you one more entry):
- "Follow" this blog (and let me know that you have)
- ("Like" Greener Days Photography on facebook (and let me know that you have)
- Leave a comment here and/or on Greener Days Photography on fb telling me what your favorite signs of the Christmas season are (tastes, smells, sights,touches, and/or sounds)!  Can't wait to see what you all have to say! 
- Stay tuned on Friday, November 19th at 4p.m. and see who the lucky winner is!!!


  1. my favorite sign...because I don't want there to be snow any other time, except for on Christmas!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! You should toot your own horn. Waking up to snow outside, and a fire in the fireplace are some of my favorite signs.

  3. GORGEOUS shot!! LOVE it, great job!!!

  4. And... the winner is... Jmollman! I'll get in touch wiht you soon, Jill!